I’m an artist manager, Event producer, brand strategist, investor and entrepreneur

I didn’t grow up with comfortability or opportunity. When I was a kid I experienced struggle and grief. My father being imprisoned for the majority of my childhood could have molded who I am, but I didn’t let it. When I was in highschool my Mother decided to move out of the house, leaving me to fend for myself through my young adult years. There were times that I had to break the law in order to survive. Sneaking food out of the local grocery store was a necessity since I was too young to get a job with most employers. I grew exhausted of the constant struggle and battle I lived through day to day, and took a leap of faith. I approached my landlord and made him aware of my situation, and asked him for a job with his maintenance company. I was younger than the rest of the crew, so naturally I was given the work no one else wanted to do, but it was work nonetheless. I worked hard throughout school, and focused on making enough money to afford my new found bills and to start a savings account. My goal was to never be in this situation again. I didn’t know much about lawn maintenance or how to be a good employee, I just knew that I never wanted to struggle again. I never wanted to wonder where my next meal would come from, and I never wanted to wonder if the roof over my head would at some point disappear. So I let those things motivate me. I challenged myself everyday to be better than yesterday, and within a year I was managing my own crew of employees that were twice my age.
As my savings account slowly started to grow, I decided that I wanted to chase my passions, and start working in a field that inspires and motivates me. I started promoting local downtown events under the name “Injoy”, which gradually became the lead promotional company in Orlando. I locked in deals with every club, and even began collaborating with companies like Insomniac. While my newfound company was growing and gaining steam, a good friend of mine began producing music and DJing at the local venues I was promoting. His name was Charles Duncker, aka “Acraze”. I agreed to help place him at some of the local events I was promoting for while he continued to practice his music production. This partnership grew into full time management, and he began performing internationally. We locked in tours in countries we never thought we’d ever go to. We work great as a team because we were friends first, so there is always a mutual respect for eachother. I began a similar project with another highschool friend of mine Frank Sicoli, aka “Rated R”. I decided it was time to name my management company, and I decided on “Syndicate” because this trio couldnt be stopped. We motivated each other, we held each other accountable, and we inspired each other to push boundaries.
There were highs and lows at the beginning, and even now. Up until recently, we heard “No” more times than we could count, but it was because we never let the rejection affect us that we continued to succeed. If a label didn’t want a song, we self released it. If a club didn’t want to book us, we found another. They say there is no such thing as an overnight success, and that’s why I’m writing this. I want people to know that social media only shows you what people want you to see. There is so much grind, sweat, and tears behind every announcement. I grew up with nothing, everything I have I found for myself. I always let my past motivate me, I never let it define who I am. Most people don’t know my story, because I never wanted them to. I always wanted people to see what I’ve done, and not what I’ve been through. But I think it’s time to motivate the next generation, and spread the knowledge I’ve gained through my struggle, so they don’t have to.


I run Syndicate Management and Injoy Events. Syndicate Management focuses on Artist Management, Music Management, Artist Relations, and product placements. Injoys primary focus is Event Curating and Event promotions. The Syndicate team is small and close knit. Outside of the Artists and myself, it consists of Stephanie: whoms concern focuses on day to day operations and touring, and Rosangel: whose expertise is directed towards social media and website development. Injoy on the other hand, consists of a small council that oversee’s 100+ members with strongholds in the local community. Injoy’s council group consists of Justin who handles marketing operations. Peter who handles talent buying. Pj who handles the blog side of the business and Matt who handles local support. Our members must be active in their community to have influence on their peers. It’s important to me to keep both companies separate because while they can work together, they are both very different in the way they operate. 


The qualities that make my team and myself stand out and successful are that we never stopped dreaming. There was a time in our lives where we never thought we would achieve the things that we have now, and now that we have we are shooting to climb even bigger mountains. This is only possible because my team is my family, and we all feel the same. We collaborate on ideas together, we motivate each other, and we dream together. This simple quality is hard to find in the music industry as I’ve found. But it is the single handedly most important quality we possess that is the leading factor to all of our success. Some things I have accomplished because of these qualities include: Starting businesses from the ground up and turning them profitable. Developing strategies to grow multiple brands effectively. International bookings, working relationship with Insomniac, bookings with “A list” DJs, taking songs through radio campaigns, and on a more personal level: buying my dream car. 


Because my team is my family, they are the ones to continue to push me when times get tough. I know I never want to be in a position like the one I was in as a child, so I never stop moving forward. I always remember my blessings, and focus on what I want, not what I don’t have. Those two things are different and can often be confused. If you focus on what you don’t have, you see the world in a negative perspective. If you focus on what you want in life, you see the world as an opportunity.


In 2 years from now, I see both of my teams achieving the long term goals we set for ourselves when we started these two companies. My goal is for Injoy to curate the most unique events in our market and continue to expand out of the state. My goal for Syndicate Management and the artists I represent is to elevate these artists to a place where they have always dreamed, playing music festivals in countries they never thought they would, and making music that breaks down all barriers previously set by the generation before us. I never want to settle, and will always continue to grow. I plan to be on the Forbes 30 under 30, and will use the platform I built for myself to continue changing lives and careers. I will always be searching for fresh talent to represent, so that I am constantly helping the next generation of artists to be heard. 

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