Aquahollic travels the world looking for the best locations to paddleboard. Enjoy diving in the best oceans. He has participated in several major deep sea fishing tournaments and is an explorer at heart. He is passionate about traveling and discovering new and exotic places.

In June of last year, he made a post on his official Instagram account where he told how the Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis sporting event was «It’s a summary of 2021 @crossingforcf. I would like to personally thank @travis_suit and the entire @pipersangelsfoundation team for putting on such an amazing event and competition. Your dedication, love and support for the CF community is second to none. I’m so grateful to be a part of it all».

WDue to the rough conditions, all recreational paddlers were pulled from the water late Sunday morning for safety reasons. There were only a handful of competitor paddlers who made it beach to beach this year without stopping. I’m happy to say three of those paddlers were part of our squad, Team Inlet. @captfitzsea @ejr1227 @doomdaddy57 You guys absolutely killed it. 🏆 Big shout out to @jho_inlet for navigating some tough waters and ultimately hitting the landing perfectW.