Daniel Oporto: Fashion Designer and Philanthropist

Daniel Oporto is a Bolivian born fashion designer and stylist. His clothing lines in America have been worn by some of the biggest names in the industry and he continues to push the fashion boundaries with his interesting and fresh designs. 

Daniel moved to Los Angeles, where he studied film and television. He was then offered a job as a personal stylist and ended up working for celebrities and other high profile clients. He also assisted in with the styling for some television series such as Entourage and other movies.  

Soon Daniel realized that his true passion lay in the fashion industry and he wanted to continue to work in fashion as a career. During his time in New York, he participated in Fashion shows, fashion weeks, and worked with very well known photographers such as David La Chapelle and Mario Testino. Once Daniel felt like he had gained enough experience, he remained in Los Angeles and started his clothing brand. His fashion line consists of a mix of jeans and jackets, shirts, suits, and tuxedos.

When asked about what inspires his design style Daniel replied that “many things inspire me when it comes to design, the moment, the colors, the mood, the people around me the country where I am, a person who I love, culture, history, fashion, other designers, and art”. Daniel takes in all his experiences and really relives them within his designs. His work showcases his love for fashion and the world around him, and his originality and creative style is loved by many. 

His work has been appreciated by big names in Hollywood, but one name in particular really stands out for Daniel. Getting the opportunity to work with Opera Superstar Plácido Damingo.

Daniel was able to meet Damingo through his sister who had worked with him previously. She showed Damingo some of Daniel’s designs and Damingo immediately fell in love with the creativity and craftsmanship. Daniel was then given the amazing opportunity to design the looks for all of Damingo’s concerts, opera, and theater performances.

When asked what it was like to be able to work with Domingo, Daniel replied that he is such a classy man, respectful, fun, and a great example to follow. Daniel recalls that it was very easy to work with him and that he thoroughly enjoyed the times they spent together.

The fact that Domingo believed so much in Daniel really meant the world to him. Putting his trust in Daniel allowed him to really test his own skills as well as showcase his talents to audiences around the world. Daniel remarked that it also allowed a lot of doors to open for him, especially in regards to the fashion markets in Mexico and Spain. 

Besides his success in fashion, Daniel is also well known for the charity work that he has been involved in for the last 10 years. Daniel feels that his passion for fashion and charity have supported each other in many ways, and he can’t imagine his life without either of them.  
Daniel is the founder of the Oporto Foundation which aims to uplift and educate children in Bolivia who live in the jails with their incarcerated parents. Founding this charity organization was a big challenge and responsibility for Oporto, but he loves the work that they are able to do.

After working with Domingo for many years, he was one of the first people to support the Opporto Foundation. This was a huge boost for the foundation and allowed many other celebrities to follow suit. The foundation has now been running for over 10 years and has provided fresh milk, psychological support, and spiritual education to hundreds of children in jails across South America.

Currently, Daniel is living between Dubai and Qatar and working in the fashion industry there, as well as acting as a brand ambassador for many top-class brands. He is however still working on his fashion collections and hopes to also branch out in charity foundations to include animal welfare. For more information about Daniel Oporto and his fashion line, check out: www.danieloporto.com