Mila Seikaly

I am an event coordinator at a PR firm called Iman Hasan Creative in Miami. Beside this i am an instagram influencer and have been to many places including Egypt, Beirut, Costa Rica, Prague, Mykonos, Paris, Mexico, New York, Miami, Bahamas, and many others. Whenever I visit these places, I make sure to give my audience the most authentic experience ever. My posts allow people to travel with me and join my journey. With a mix of beautiful photos, reviews, as well as city guides. My lifestyle brand focuses on adventure, luxury, and travel. But mostly, I show my followers how they can have fun at various places. My passion for traveling is visible in my posts as I upload aesthetic pictures in front of the most exotic and picturesque locations. ​Apart from her passion for traveling, I’d like to think of myself as philanthropic. I invest my free time in an orphanage located in my father’s home town of Lebanon. I am aware of the privilege I have and thus I put it into good use by helping others. ​At age 11, I insisted on entering the workforce in honor of my aunt who struggled to support her family by working three jobs in remote Mexico. Her pride in my initiative inspired me to donate all my earnings to people like her who worked very hard but could barely survive. Each summer in Lebanon, I stay at a Syrian refugee camp in the mountains to deliver food, spend time with the children, and hear their stories. This is especially gratifying because I work throughout the year earning money for them.

I started becoming an instagram influencer as of the beginning of 2020, i always love to take pictures and share my journey so I thought it was the perfect fit for me. I chose this path because when I first started, I started growing a following from my father and mother and found that people were interested in keeping up with my instagram profile.

Even with the privilege of my father being an ex famous basketball player and my mother being a former supermodel, I wanted to prove to myself that I wanted to become successful for myself. I started working at a very young age to help underprivileged kids in South America and Lebanon and throughout the year I am an event coordinator at Iman Hasan Creative with bright ideas to bring to our generation of social media.

The advice I would have liked to receive at the beginning of my career would be to take it slow and not rush into anything quickly. Experience as many things as possible and then choose what you would like to settle in on for work.

In a couple years, I see myself working for a PR agency in New York. I have lots of ideas to share to uplift brands that are struggling and to help them curate a proper instagram account to gain engagement. Another dream of mine would be to grow my instagram following to help spread awareness of the depths of Women’s mental health.

Points to highlight of mine

  • I am a philanthropic person and I love to give and donate whenever possible.
  • I’ve had a passion for women in the work-force since I was a young girl.
  • I want to use my instagram as a tool to help others feel confident in themselves.