The melodic rapper, Da Twin Prince, tells us about his life.

Da Twin Prince is a musician and composer. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where he began his passion for writing music and becoming an established freelance artist.

He tells us that he is currently adjusting to the Covid 19 pandemic, leaving his freelance artist unable and limited to network in person and do live shows, including music festivals. He adjusted by starting a series of performances called Live From Home, better known as #LFH. This series of performances currently launching on his Instagram account and VEVO will feature personalized live home performances of select singles he has released.

«I feel identified as a Musical Artist, Composer and Influencer. I am currently adapting my music that I present to the fans to the new social norms of everything mainly through social and digital networks. Because I cannot do a tour and get one Booking for shows, I’ll do live performances from the comfort and safety of my home that people can tune in and stream online. «

He tells us that he started making music by playing drums at home in books and singing in the choir at the church where he grew up around the age of 7. His grandmother listened to what he calls «old school Motown music» a lot. Many temptations, Otis Redding, Frankie Lymon. When he got into music, he listened to Tevin Campbell and Michael Jackson a lot, in addition to gospel music. All of that played a role over the years in the style of music he enjoys creating.

«Music has always been an interest to me and just a release from the day-to-day norms of a Brooklyn boy raised by his grandmother as a child. Be it singing, rapping, writing poetry and even drumming in my books. with pens and pencils, she always made me feel complete «

«When I used to approach to try to get hired for shows, I was always rejected because I was a rapper. I adjusted my sets to implement live music and musicians and I started getting more bookings.»

He tells us that he grew up with live music, especially in church, so he always knew that the feeling he got from playing and adding live instruments to the tracks was something he always wanted to implement in his music.

Her accomplishments is Acting for the live television show «Open» which airs on Bronxnet TV hosted by WBLS ‘own Dr. Bob Lee. He has performed at music festivals such as South by South West in Austin, Tx, Go Africa Harlem Festival in Harlem, Ny Atlantic Antic in Brooklyn, Ny, and Atlanta Hip Hop Day in Atlanta Georgia. He has also performed at legendary New York venues such as SOBs The Delancy, Webster Hall, and Leftfield in Ludlow.
He has released 6 studio singles, 2 mixtapes, and multiple features.

«What keeps me going when the time gets tough is knowing that I have the energy, the mindset, and the drive to stay creative. As long as I can do anything music or entertainment related, I will always do it for as long as I can. It just makes me feel inspiring to others who are Pershing music and are empowered. «

One piece of advice I will give to newcomers is that the harder they work, the closer they will be to their goals and aspirations. Today, he wants to get more moving locations and video games for his music. Also, he wants to shoot a short film / musical memoir of epic proportions.

«I think once I get there and have the next thing I want, I will be happy with my success as a freelance artist. I hope that a label will come up to sign me, but the labels work very differently than what they use too, so I’ll keep working. on my independent route. «

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